Relational Contracting and Relationships Management

As Business Arrangements become more Complex, achieving Optimum Sustainable Performance requires Flexibility, Adaptivity and Increased Collaboration.

It is no secret that the majority of complex public–private and public-public business arrangements fall short of meeting stakeholder expectations. The single leading cause of failure is that complex, long term agreements are structured and managed as static transactions or deals, and therefore do not adapt well to change and evolution. By positioning the relationship among stakeholders at the heart of delivery, oversight and performance management, business arrangements are structured and managed as collaborative and adaptive management models that drive change and achieve improved outcomes with lower risk.

This training program will provide you with a systematic model for managing complex relationships. As you progress through the program, you will gain the knowledge and skills to effectively plan, source, establish, and manage relationships that will deliver exceptional performance. It will provide you with the tools to shift organizational mindset and to create a culture of collaboration and trust.


The Relational Model – An ISO Standard

The Relationship-based model of Management supports the development and management of an adaptive business relationship among partners, with whom collaboration and ongoing alignment is critical to achieving overarching common objectives. The Framework has been applied with great success in public-private relationships, as well as in public-public relationships, enabling organizations to consistently deliver improved outcomes. The Relational Model of management operationalizes ISO 44001 standard for collaborative business relationships which was approved for publishing on December 6, 2016.



RCM Certification

A certification in Relational Contracting and Relationships Management is provided for those who complete the case work book and submit within 60 days of the course delivery, while achieving a minimum 80% passing mark. A virtual collaborative workspace is provided for the teams to continue their work together to complete their submission.



Who Should Attend

This training program is recommended for public and private sector executives, relationship managers, procurement managers, outsourcing advisors, and managers involved in the planning, sourcing, negotiations or management of complex business arrangements.

The Training Program will Cover two Types of Relationships:

    • Client-Vendor Relationships: Such as operations management arrangements, Alternative Service Delivery (ASD), Public-Private Partnerships, (PPP), Commissioning, Outsourcing, Futuresourcing™, Major Capital Projects, and In Service Support (ISS) contracts; and
    • Inter-Public Sector Relationships: Such as Shared Services, Public Sector or NGO Delivery Partners, Arms Length Agency Relationships, Transfer Payments and other Intra-Public Sector Arrangements



Delivery Format

This course is delivered over three days using a combination of 30-45 minutes lectures, followed by casework in small team formations and large group interactive dialogue. The course and workshops feature real life, current complex relationships in the public and private sector used as case work and model reference.

  • Ottawa: May 23-25 (Closed)

  • Toronto: June 14-16

  • Vancouver: July 19-21

  • Halifax: August 16-18

  • Ottawa: October 18-20


Canada 2017 Program: Strategic Relationships and Relational Contracting 3-Day Training Seminar (ISO 44001)


Client On Site Training Program

The following class-based courses are offered offsite or at client’s sites.

Relational Contracting and Relationships Management Leadership Team

This executive 1/2 course provides leadership team members with an introduction to Relationships Management in the public sector and how to establish and manage highly collaborative relationships within the public sector and strategic partners.

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Relational Contracting and Relationships Management Executive

This one-day course provides senior management of the public and private sector with an overview of the relationship-based model of contracting and how to implement it in existing and new strategic partner relationships.

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Relational Contracting and Relationships Management Professional
(RCM Certification course)

This three-day course provides program directors and managers, senior program and project managers, procurement professionals and relationship managers with a deep understanding of the Relational Contracting and Relationships Management Model, ISO 44001 and how to apply them in the public and private sector. This course is also offered by Telfer school of Management, University of Ottawa. Upon completion and passing a comprehensive exam, attendees would receive a certification in Relational Contracting Management.

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