October, 2011

Pharma Supply Chains (Part 2): The Optional Supply Chain

We’ve discussed why the vast majority of pharma companies will have to build supply chains with new manufacturing, distribution and service-management techniques, and some of the developments that can help them.  But what route should they take? from the PwC White Paper “Pharma 2020: Supplying the future: Which path will you take?” Considering the concern relating to what some would refer...

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Pharma Supply Chains (Part 1): A problem of focus versus avarice?

A report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) entitled “Supplying The Future: Which Path Will You Take?”, believes that the pharmaceutical supply chain will not be able to cope with new products as it is inefficient and underused. The reason for this conclusion is that PwC believe pharmaceutical companies are too focused on developing new products and regulatory issues while their...

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