February, 2012

A Relationships Over Deals Case Study: Bell’s Disconnected Outsourcing Strategy

The following is the first in a series of case studies in which we refer to actual customer complaints relative to the challenges of dealing with services that have been outsourced. While outsourcing provides a tremendous opportunity for an organization to better focus on its core competencies by leveraging the expertise and resources of a third-party, it is critical to establish and manage the...

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Outsourcing is often blamed for the loss of jobs, but is this a fair assessment?

do my homework p>The article draws coloration between outsourcing and job reduction. Outsourcing may be a cost reduction strategy but not an HR transformation strategy. If a private company can do the work better it only means that current operations is inefficient. By outsourcing it, you essentially get your hands on new capabilities to do it better by leveraging someone else’s investment...

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Sourcing Relationships Not Deals: The New Paradigm in Outsource Contracting

“This seminar bridges the disconnect between executive vision and practical front line execution.  It is unlike any I have seen or been a part of.” When I was asked to review a new seminar on outsourcing contracting I have to admit that the been there – done that sentiment almost immediately came to mind.  It is not that I am naturally cynical, it is just that so many...

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