Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. (SRS) provides a systematic approach to establishing and managing collaborative and adaptive relationships and provides the tools to help clients shift organizational mindsets and build a culture of collaboration and trust. The services provided by the SRS help stakeholder groups in:

  • Understanding the issues and challenges of managing complex business relationships and providing bridging recommendations and implementation plans for delivering improved outcomes
  • Establishing collaboration charters and joint governance systems as the central management hub and communication bus for managing program performance, risk, and ongoing value creation
  • Reaping the benefit of collaboration by applying relational contracting principles, and collaborative behaviors to provide ongoing opportunities for enhanced project and program outcomes
  • Applying best practices for assessing relationship fit and partner capability with regards to desired project/program outcomes
  • Bringing relationship and collaboration management from an individual one-to-one conversation a structured system approach and a framework for improving outcomes
  • Understanding and operationalizing ISO 44001 international standard in the context of their organization and leading or facilitating collaborative engagements to operationalize ISO 44001 relationship management plans
  • Coaching, forming, and launching high-performing teams in an environment of trust and collaboration, and managing the culture change and the transition phase of complex business arrangements
  • Training in relationship management, relational contracting, and collaborative working