SRS SkyAlyne Team

The Government of Canada (Canada) has determined that a collaborative contracting relationship will generate the highest probability of success for the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program. The SkyAlyne —the only Canadian team—fully endorses this approach, and as a result, the FAcT Program represents a generational partnership opportunity between Canada and SkyAlyne. This partnership...

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Breaking Through the Transactional Mindset Seminar

An Executive Training Program on how to Achieve Better Outcomes in Complex Procurements and Business Relationships It is no longer a secret that the majority of complex projects and business arrangements fall short of meeting stakeholder expectations. Research has shown that the fundamental issues are rooted in the fact that business arrangements are structured and managed as static...

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COVID-19 Sourcing Assistance

Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. (SRS) is proud to be of service to the community by helping source medical and safety devices for front line health care workers.

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