Building High-Performance Business Relationships

Achieving sustainable performance on large-scale programs and projects requires that both existing and potential partners establish proactive, flexible, and collaborative relationships.

The KPMG-SRS Centre for Strategic Relationships and Contract Management is pleased to offer:

An Executive seminar on Relationship Management, Relational Contracting, and Collaborative Working in Ottawa on October 24-26 at the KPMG Offices located at 150 Elgin Street.

This Seminar will provide attendees with a systematic model for managing complex relationships. As they progress through the program, they will gain the knowledge and skills to effectively plan, source, establish and maintain relationships that will deliver exceptional performance. It will provide them with the tools to shift organizational mindset and to create a culture of collaboration and trust.

We recommend this three-day training program for Public & Private Sector Executives, Relationship Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Vendor Relationship Managers, Procurement Managers, Business, and IT Managers, as well as Senior Project Managers involved in any significant Outsourcing, Public-Private Partnership or Shared Service.

Download Course Outline or (copy and paste URL;

You can register online here, or (copy and paste URL; or if you would like to discuss the content of the seminar in greater detail, please call me at (613-290-5921), Jean-Francois Seguin (613-212-2818) or contact us at


Andy Akrouche

KPMG-SRS Centre for Strategic Relationships and Relational Contracting

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