IEE Six Sigma Expert Forrest Breyfogle III Delivers Meaningful Insight on the Business System Approach to Supply Chain Excellence

As is always the case, I very much enjoy the opportunity to talk with acclaimed author and IEE Six Sigma expert Forrest Breyfogle regarding the application of Lean Six Sigma principles in the world of business.

In today’s segment “Leveraging Six Sigma to Drive Supply Chain Efficiencies and Savings,” we discussed how the utilization of Six Sigma from a business system versus project-centric focus has changed both the lens through which we view the globalized supply chain, as well as identify the proper targets that compliment rather than compete with other elements of a modern enterprise.

Of course, and as a means of creating a point of reference or context, I used a November 4th, 2003 article by Next Level Purchasing’s Charles Dominick as a starting point in terms of measuring our progress over the previous 7 years.  Suffice to say, during the 30 minute segment Forrest delivered some interesting insights as to how Six Sigma has been used in the past and, why there is a need for a different model of application today.

In short, we have learned a great deal . . . now all we need to do is to actually use this knowledge and experience to produce collective, meaningful results.

Once again, here is the link to the on-demand broadcast “Leveraging Six Sigma to Drive Supply Chain Efficiencies and Savings.”

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