Interview with Dr. David Wyld reveals that when it comes to SaaS, Oracle’s and SAP’s future will be difficult

In today’s PI Window on Business interview “Reversing Attitudes: Why Reverse Auctions May Actually Be Good For Your Purchasing Practice” I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. David Wyld from The Reverse Auction Research Center.

During the 60 minute broadcast, which aired live across the Blog Talk Radio Network, we exchanged insights and experiences from career paths that seemed to share a similar track.

From our initial involvement with Reverse Auction technology in the late 90s, and how this controversial tool has progressed from being viewed as a means by which buyers could “gouge” savings from suppliers, to the present day SaaS models that represents a kinder and gentler collaborative platform (thank you George Bush Sr.), we were able to cover a great deal of ground in the allotted time.

It would in fact be safe to say that this is a show that will provide enough detailed insight to satiate the information requirements of the most seasoned procurement professional, while simultaneously providing an ideal primer for those whose experience is in the early stages of development.

What will likely be of particular interest to pretty much anyone and everyone, is Wyld’s confirmation that in making the move to a SaaS model, companies such as Oracle and SAP are in for a rough ride.  You only have to look at Ariba to see about what he is talking.

As for SAP’s John Wookey’s sounding of the alarm regarding SaaS sprawl . . . while there are areas within an enterprise where this can occur, once again Wyld confirmed that the overall “threat” is nominal at best.  Sorry Wookey!

Rather than tie up your valuable time transcribing today’s program beyond a few bite-sized morsels of thought-provoking highlights, tune in at your convenience to the On-Demand version of “Reversing Attitudes: Why Reverse Auctions May Actually Be Good For Your Purchasing Practice.”

Also be sure to post a comment or two here on the Contracting Intelligence Blog, as we would definitely be interested in reading about your thoughts on this historically controversial – current day relevant, purchasing tool.

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