Is Fragmentation Undermining the Purchasing Profession: IACCM’s Tim Cummins Believes It Is

For groups like contract management and procurement, there are no universal standards of practice. Unlike fields such as medicine, engineering and the law, there is no firmly established professional ethic or body of knowledge. And without this, they can never achieve sustainable professional status. Fragmentation clearly works against establishing such standards and ultimately proves inefficient and confusing for the practitioner community.

from Commitment Matters post Fragmentation Threatens Long-Term Status by Tim Cummins, January 12th, 2011

What I love most about radio and in particular being the host of the PI Window on Business is that it provides a venue through which one can easily expand upon the ideas or concepts presented within the confines of a blog. In essence, and as was the case on the April 9th, 2009 segment “Is The Traditional Association Model Dead,” you can actually engage multiple people simultaneously to tackle a particularly tough issue.

The question raised then as well as in today’s Commitment Matters post illustrates this point perfectly, as the very same concerns that were discussed almost 2 years ago by IACCM’s Tim McCarthy, who joined David Clevenger, Cindy Allen-Murphy and Charles Dominick on the PI Window on Business segment, still persist in some form today.

Have a listen to the 30 minute panel discussion and weigh in with your opinion regarding the question “Is The Traditional Association Model Dead?


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