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There is a great deal happening over at the new Supplier Relationship Management Portal, including the launch of the new Procter & Gamble Supplier Forum.

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Forum Overview:

Have you been a supplier for Procter & Gamble, or are you trying to be? Sharing your experiences as a supplier to the $80 billion giant can help both yourself and others to understand how to do business with a global player, which is the purpose of this forum.

We are not talking about giving away trade secrets here, or diminishing competitive edges. What the Procter & Gamble Supplier Forum is designed to do is to create a neutral platform through which you can use those who share similar interests and experiences as a sounding board . . . an echo of insight if you will.

Of course, P&G buyers are also welcome to join . . . who knows you may learn something that you might otherwise never had known.


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