Procurement (Strategic Sourcing)

Strategic Sourcing Services

SRS assists public sector clients in identifying their true business needs, developing the most appropriate sourcing strategy and evaluation framework to meet those needs, and establishing the most effective framework for achieving flexible business relationships with strategic partners, suppliers and stakeholders.

The Strategic Sourcing Services include:

Procurement Planning

Ensure that a clear, benefit realization driven procurement blueprint is established.

Solicitation Document Development

Translates the blueprint into solicitation documents supported by the required processes, quality controls and approvals.

Bidding Period Support

Applies structured quality controls and process to ensure all vendor requests and clarifications are dealt with promptly and accurately.

Evaluation Preparation

Informing the evaluation department and evaluation team to ensure that everyone is ready, has in-depth understanding of their roles, obligations as well as the use of the procurement tools. Depending on clients’ needs and state of readiness, SRS Evaluation preparation may include the development of the evaluation materials and support templates.

Evaluation Support

Facilitate the evaluation process and where applicable use an automated evaluation tool, a SRS SourcingWorkbench™ module, which captures the evaluation results, with ease and efficiency, while providing an audit trail and real-time reporting.

Negotiations & Contract Award Stage

If required, SRS can provide negotiation services to deliver the right business arrangement that will provide measurable results.

Tools and Methodologies

SRS Strategic Sourcing offerings feature advanced methodologies, tools and professional services to source the right partners, services, solutions, or products and to mitigate the procurement & resulting contractual risks.  Where required, SRS can provide its automated tools which include SRS SourcingWorkbench™ easy to use applications and templates that shorten the procurement development timeline and ensure that procurement “Best Practices” are utilized throughout the lifecycle of the procurement.