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Training for achieving success in complex programs, business arrangements and diverse multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Research has shown that many complex programs, projects, and business arrangements requiring significant collaboration fall short of meeting stakeholder expectations. There is no shortage of evidence relating to unrealized expectations of what were once promising partnerships and business arrangements. 

While many factors contribute to this shortfall, the problems almost always originate with rigid transactional orientation, poor value for money analysis, non-collaborative behavior, and inadequate oversight models of management. In short, and despite the industry’s best efforts, the traditional planning and implementation management models have not eliminated the risks in complex projects and business arrangements.

The transactional model practiced today was built a century ago on principles of certainty that are no longer valid in today’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment.

This training program introduces participants to a fresh new perspective and a proven systematic collaboration management model for achieving better outcomes at lower risk and cost in complex scenarios.

The methodology operationalizes ISO44001 and provides a flexible, highly collaborative, synergistic, and adaptive approach to establishing and managing strategic programs, complex projects, and business relationships.

This training program is delivered virtually by Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. (SRS) and the Institute for Collaborative Working Canada.

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Training for a Relational Approach

It is not a secret that most complex projects and business arrangements fail to meet stakeholder expectations. Research shows that the fundamental issues are rooted in many business arrangements being structured and managed as static “transactions” or “deals” that do not provide the agility and flexibility to respond to change, drive evolution, and sustain alignment and mutual value creation.

The relationship between all parties involved is the heart of their success. By positioning the relationship among stakeholders at the heart of planning, delivery, and performance management, business arrangements can be structured and managed within a collaborative and adaptive framework, which drives meaningful change and improves outcomes while lowering overall risk.

This Relational Contracting and Collaborations Management Training Program provides participants with the essential knowledge to source, establish, and manage adaptive and collaborative business relationships that can take advantage of change and navigate through today’s volatile, uncertain, and increasingly complex business environment.

This training program is delivered using a mix of short lectures, group discussions, and team-based casework spotlighting current complex relationships and collaborations in the public and private sectors.

Who Should Attend

The program is recommended for public and private sector executives, partner/vendor relationship managers, business development executives, senior project managers, procurement officers, and anyone involved in significant collaboration activity.

This training program is crucial for capture and proposal managers challenged with developing and proposing “collaboration management plans” as part of the pursuit to win significant opportunities.

ISO 44001 – Collaborative Business Relationship Management

At the core of this program is a collaboration model that supports the development and administration of a dynamic, adaptive, and collaborative business relationship between collaborators to achieve common goals and create mutual value. The model and its implementation methodology operationalize ISO 44001 effectively, an international standard published in March 2017 that describes organizational requirements to enable collaboration management and provide guidance for establishing relationship management plans with strategic partners, clients, and strategic suppliers.

PMCD 3 Equivalency

In Canada, this course is deemed as an approved equivalency for the Department of National Defence – Canada (DND) PMCD 3 qualification requirement.

Key Learnings

Through this training program, participants will gain knowledge and a deep understanding of:

  • The issues and challenges of managing complex projects and business arrangements with partners, clients, and key suppliers
  • The processes and tools for establishing and operationalizing relationship management and collaboration frameworks, including joint relationship charters, joint governance systems, relationship performance and risk management, collaborative working, and collaborative competency
  • Transitioning “relationship management” from an individual one-to-one connection to “relationship management as a system” and a platform for effective collaboration and value creation
  • How to create an environment of collaboration and trust
  • How to achieve organizational alignment and enriched cculture
  • A practical approach and methodology for causing diffusion of collaborative behaviors across the stakeholder community
  • Approaches for evaluating relationship and collaboration health, risk, strategy, fit, and capability to deliver project/program outcomes
  • The processes and tools necessary to successfully establish and operationalize relationship management frameworks in diverse stakeholder environments
  • The various sourcing and contracting models and how to apply relational contracting and ISO 44001 principles to provide ongoing opportunities for enhanced project and program outcomes
  • How to develop adequate compensation and incentivization models to drive the correct behavior and reduce competing interests
  • How to lead and facilitate collaborative engagements to develop and implement ISO 44001 relationship management plans
  • How to form and launch high-performing joint stakeholder teams
  • Collaborative Change and Transitions Management


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion in Strategic Relationships Management, Collaborative Working, and Relational Contracting.

Participants working in teams or as individuals who submit the completed casework report within 90 days and achieve a minimum score of 80% will receive a certificate in Relational Contracting and Collaborations Management (RCCM) at the Professional level. The Course includes an additional optional half-day certification support workshop.

PDF Version with Daily Agenda & Facilatators

Download Registration Information and Form