Breaking Through the Transactional Mindset Seminar

An Executive Training Program on how to Achieve Better Outcomes in Complex Procurements and Business Relationships

It is no longer a secret that the majority of complex projects and business arrangements fall short of meeting stakeholder expectations. Research has shown that the fundamental issues are rooted in the fact that business arrangements are structured and managed as static “transactions” or “deals” that do not provide the agility and flexibility to respond to change, drive evolution and sustain value creation.

The Transactional Model was built a century ago on principles of certainty that are no longer valid in today’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment.

On the other hand the Relational Model provides a flexible, highly collaborative, adaptive, and agile approach to managing complex business arrangements to achieves success in today’s business environment.

This 2.5 day course provides a deep understanding of the Relationship Business Model (RBM™), a framework and tools for successfully  implementing the relational approach in complex business arrangements with clients, partners and strategic suppliers.

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