Relational Contracting and Relationships Management Seminars

Relational Contracting & Strategic Relationships Management

Are you satisfied with the performance of your important business arrangements? Do you feel that your MOUs, Agreements and Contracts are reactive for the most part and lack flexibility as your needs change?

Do you have the management structures, disciplines and culture to work collaboratively with your partners to achieve your relationship objectives?

Would you like to learn about a different and proven relationship-based approach to sourcing, establishing and managing your important business arrangements?

It is no secret that the majority of complex public-public and public-private business arrangements fall short of meeting stakeholder expectations in the long term. The single leading cause of failure is that they are structured as transactions or deals that do not adapt well to change and evolution. By positioning the relationship among stakeholders at the heart of delivery and performance management, business arrangements can be structured as adaptive and continuous business relationships that leverage change and achieve improved outcomes with lower risk.

Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. (SRS) in partnership with the Telfer School Of Management invite you to a highly interactive and engaging two-day seminar on Relational Contracting and Strategic Relationships Management; at the Telfer School of Management January 19-21, 2016.

Through highly interactive lecture sessions, small group workshops and large group dialogue, this program will equip you with the know-how and skills to establish and manage adaptive relationships that will deliver exceptional performance. The program will guide you in building the required relationship management function and capacity to enable change and create a culture of collaboration and trust. Discussions will cover two important types of relationships:

  • Client-Vendor Relationships such as operations management arrangements, Alternative Service Delivery (ASD), Public-Private Partnerships, (PPP), Commissioning, Outsourcing, Futuresourcing™, Major Capital Projects, and In Service Support (ISS) contracts; and
  • Intra-Public Sector Relationships such as Shared Services arrangements, Program Owner-Provider relationships, Transfer Payments and intra-municipal arrangements.

Learning Objectives:

    Using a combination of interactive lectures, reviews and live case workshops, Seminar attendees will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the foundational issues and challenges surrounding complex business arrangements;
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of relationships in a business context. Learn about Relationship Charters and the key enablers for success. Learn how to develop and operationalize relationship and alignment management frameworks in diverse stakeholder community;
  • Develop a “total system” understanding of complex business arrangements including outsourcing, futuresourcing, PPP and shared services and its implications on business strategy and program delivery;
  • How to form and launch high performing joint teams and build an environment of trust and collaboration;
  • How to plan, source and manage adaptive relationships that provide an ongoing opportunity to improve outcomes. Learn how to integrate the relationship dimension with a traditional transaction procurement process;
  • A relationship evaluation model for objectively assessing relationship fit and strategic provider capability;
  • How to remove, avoid or otherwise mitigate program risks as circumstances and conditions change;
  • A strategic understanding of change and transition management with emphasis on culture, human resources, technology harmonization and business process alignment.
Who Should Attend?
This training program is recommended for public and private sector executives, senior managers with responsibility for service delivery, transfer payment management professionals, relationship managers, procurement managers, outsourcing advisors, and managers involved in the planning, sourcing, and management of public-public or public-private business arrangements.

Program Takeaways
Participants will develop a “total system” understanding of adaptive business relationships with emphasis on outcome realization, change management and transitioning organizational culture from an adversarial mindset to a collaborative, insight-based model of management.

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