Core Services We Provide

Many complex programs and projects requiring significant public-private collaboration eventually fall short of stakeholders’ expectations. In most cases, those failed expectations result from long-term, multi-stakeholder agreements, which are structured and managed as static deals or transactions that do not adapt well to change and evolution and do not support creating a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

SRS provides a better way. By placing stakeholder relationships at the heart of delivery management and contract performance, public-public and public-private arrangements such as outsourcing, shared services, Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP), and even arm’s length relationships can become dynamic and adaptive business partnerships that drive change and achieve improved outcomes with lower risks.

The cornerstone of our service offerings is our Strategic Relationship Business Model (RBM®), developed and refined over 25 years, working with the public sector, private sector, and leading academic institutions. RBM® is a highly collaborative business relationship management model that operationalizes ISO 44001 and is supported by a collaboration body of knowledge containing ‘design thinking’ stakeholders convergence processes, rich frameworks, tools, templates, and samples of proven collaboration management frameworks. We provide training, advisory services, thought leadership for program reviews, outsourcing, collaborative procurement and partnerships, and ongoing relationship management. Our Core Services are: