Relationship Management & Collaboration Planning

  • Executive engagement and sponsorship
  • Awareness and training
  • Cultural assessments
  • ISO 44001 assessments
  • Way forward

Training & Capacity Building

  • Relationship  and Collaboration Management
  • Individual and Organizational Competencies
  • Charters, Joint Governance and Operational Process
  • 1-Day Essentials | 2-Day Managers | 3-Day Professional

Development & Operationalization of Strategic Relationship Collaboration Frameworks

  • Development of ISO 44001 Corporate Relationships Management Plans for collaboration and strategic relationships management
  • Development of relationship solutions and management frameworks for existing relationships and new relationships
  • Collaborative convergence workshops
  • Relationships charter development and operationalization
  • Relational Contracting – Procurement of strategic relationships
  • Strategic fit Assessments
  • Open book framework
  • Implementing relationship management frameworks
  • Relationship risk and performance management framework
  • Culture Transition management

Collaborative Contracting

  • Strategic Outcomes and contracting Strategy
  • Industry Analysis and Engagement
  • Procurement Scope and Strategy
  • RFX Preparation
  • Collaboration Management Framework
  • Basis of Payment
  • Evaluation and Selection
  • Interest-based negotiations

Managing Relationship

  • Establishing relationship management office
  • Managing the operations of the joint governance system
  • Collaborative relationships management: Awareness, capacity building, and knowledge transfer
  • Managing relationship performance
  • Enablement and risk management
  • Financial management
  • Value analysis IV&V

Opportunity Pursuit

  • Provide Capture Managers with Ready-to-Tailor Relationship and Collaboration Plans for complex opportunities
  • Provide  training and coaching to capture team on Relationships Management and Collaboration
  • Provide Collaboration Plan Customization services
  • Provide implementation and operationalization support after contract award
  • Relationship and Collaboration Management Plans are provided under a licensing and  arrangement