Telfer School of Management joins with Strategic Relationship Solutions to offer Relational Outsourcing Management Seminar by Jon Hansen

“In today’s environment, executives and managers are regularly faced with tough outsourcing decisions.  Our partnership with SRS is a reflection of our continued commitment to excellence in executive leadership and management training.”

Doug Dempster, Executive Director, Centre for Executive Leadership, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa

One of the great things about working in this industry is the fact that you meet amazing people who work with both a passion and a definitive idea as to how to make an existing model better.

Andy Akrouche is one of these individuals.

With a new book scheduled to come out sometime later this year titled Relationships First: The New Relationship Paradigm in Contract Management, Andy has done something very few have been able to do . . . recreate a scalable model that is viable for all scenarios.

What do I mean when I use the term all scenarios?

The short explanation is that the model Andy has created is relationship-based.  Unlike the traditional static governance models with their performance legislated belt with suspenders terms, the Relational Outsourcing Management Model reflects an adaptive approach built around a shared vision on the part of clients and suppliers.

It all of course sounds good you might suggest, but this relationship-centric approach with their win-win edicts are nothing new.  Of course you would be right but . . . in the past these warm and fuzzy sentiments have rarely made it beyond the preliminary meeting point.  Or to put it another way, and like the thin layer of icing on a cake, mutuality has been little more than an ephemeral wish that is gone after the first bite.  In the end the majority of what you will be eating will be cake and based on the high failure rates associated with outsourcing initiatives, dried out cake at that!

This is what makes Andy’s work so exciting.

Having held over the past 25 years senior positions with some of the planet’s largest IT and electronic publishing organizations such as IBM and Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Andy comes from a position of having true front-line expertise.  In fact, and as his book will share, this expertise was critical to both successfully implementing as well as saving many major outsourcing projects in the public and private sectors.

Back in 1993, when he pioneered what was to become the Strategic Relationship based Model (SRbM®), it was a vision focused on providing a viable alternative to the adversarial nature of contract-oriented governance.  It was and is today, a new framework for structuring and managing business relationships; one based on strategic fit, flexibility, continuous alignment and sustained mutual benefit.

This is perhaps one of many of the reasons why Telfer School of Management has teamed with SRS to offer a one day management-level seminar on the Relational Outsourcing Management Model.

The first of what will likely be many seminars will take place in Ottawa on November 22nd, 2012.

From my perspective and experience this is one seminar you will not want to miss.  I know that I will be in attendance as I continue to gain a ever increasing understanding of what I believe is one of the major breakthroughs in contract management.

To learn more about the seminar as well as reserve your place send an e-mail to


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