Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc.

Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. (SRS) is a knowledge-based, customer-focused, strategic relationships management and collaboration firm. Citing the continued failure of many projects and business arrangements, SRS was established in 1999 with the vision of transforming the way in which organizations plan, source and manage important business relationships with partners and strategic suppliers.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, it is increasingly important to establish proactive, flexible, and synergistic relationships with existing and potential collaborators. This is fundamental to achieving sustainable performance on major programs and projects of any scale.

It is no secret that many complex programs and projects requiring significant public-private collaboration eventually fall short of stakeholders’ expectations. In most cases, those failed expectations are a result of long-term, multi-stakeholder agreements which are structured and managed as static deals or transactions that do not adapt well to change and evolution.

There is a better way. By placing stakeholder relationships at the heart of delivery management and contract performance, it’s possible for public-public and public-private arrangements such as outsourcing, shared services, PPP arrangements, and even arm’s length relationships to become dynamic and adaptive business partnerships that drive change and achieve improved outcomes with lower risks.

Strategic Relationships Solutions (SRS) Inc. is dedicated to providing training, advisory services, and thought leadership for relationships and collaborations management, relational or collaborative contracting.

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