The SRS Relational Business Model (RBM™)

“Our innovative Relational Business Model (RBM™) catalyzes Continuous Alignment and fosters impactful collaborations through a comprehensive three-stage methodology comprised of nine (9) pivotal service solutions.”

Phase 1

Awareness & Discovery

1. RBM™ Mastery

Unlock Effective Collaboration with RBM™ without needing to become a collaboration expert.

2. Collaboration Detector

Identify areas for improvement in Current Practices without critiquing existing methods.

3. ISO Sync-UP

Master ISO44001 for Optimized Relationship Management without having to read the standards.

Phase 2

Collaboration Implementation

4. Relational Procurement

Streamline Procurement and achieve sustainability without overhauling your entire procurement process.

5. Collaboration Architect

Localize RBM™ to boost maximum collaboration.

6. Convergence Enabler
Shift the mindset and plan for relationship excellence and collaboration without limits.

Phase 3

Collaboration Management

7. Scrum Master
Keep the collaboration system running at optimum level.
8. Progress Tracker

Measure adoption progress and project impact without hassle.

9. Conflict Dissolver
Resolve conflicts and strengthen partnerships without compromise.