Instructors & Facilitators

Our Instructors and Facilitators include industry thought leaders and leading practitioners in collaboration, complex projects delivery and relationships management.

Andy Akrouche, MBA Lead Instructor and Facilitator

  • Founding partner of Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. (SRS), a knowledge-based strategic alignment, procurement and relationships management firm in its 20th year helping clients achieve success in complex programs, projects and modernization initiatives.
  • Chair – Canadian ISO 44001 Committee, collaborative business relationship management
  • Managing Director – Institute for Collaborative Working Canada. ICW has been the driving force behind ISO
  • Former VP, Operations Management Services at Digital Equipment Corporation – Identified the need for new business relationship approach to sourcing, structuring and managing business arrangements to achieve success.
  • Member of the Canadian ISO mirror committee on IT governance, ITSM, Business Process Outsourcing and Architecture and Performance Management.
  • Executive Director of the SRS Centre for Collaborative Stakeholder Relationships. The Centre provides thought leadership, advisory and implementation support services for complex programs, projects and multi-stakeholder business arrangements.
  • Author of “Relationships First: The New Relationship Paradigm in Contracting” Third Edition 2017.
  • Andy delivers executive seminars and training programs on ISO 44001, Relationships Management, Collaborative Working, Relationship-sourcing and Collaborative Contracting, Outsourcing, ASD, Commissioning and PPP Management.
  • Andy holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Ottawa.

Eric Bloom Lead Instructor and Facilitator

  • Founder and Executive Director of the IT Management and Leadership Institute
  • Founder and president of
  • Amazon #1 bestselling author of the book “Productivity Driven Success: Hidden Secrets of Organizational Efficiency”
  • Author of the books “Office Influence: Get What You Want from the Mailroom to the Boardroom” and “Manager Mechanics: Tips and Advice for First Time Managers”
  • Former nationally syndicated columnist, contributor, contributor
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Certified Professional Speaker (CSP) and Virtual Certified Speaker (VCS)
  • Past President of National Speakers Association (NSA) New England
  • IDC Research Advisor
  • He is also a recognized thought leader on how to maximize the value of technical skill and knowledge though
    enhanced interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and influence.

Ian Mack, CMM, CD

  • Naval career in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) for 38 years, retiring as Rear-Admiral.
  • Has experience in uniform in every aspect of the lifecycle management of naval systems based on early employment and senior appointments as Head of Navy Training, Assistant/Deputy to the Commander of the Navy, Defence Attaché to the United States, and Chief of Staff of the Department of Defence Materiel Group.
  • As a Director-General and Public Servant for a decade, he guided Project Managers in acquiring complex platforms (ships for the RCN and armored & logistics vehicles for the Canadian Army) and the competence development initiative for Project Managers.
  • Was intimately involved in shaping and implementing Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy, providing him an understanding of the challenges of developing a program of national scope and strategic importance.
  • Has developed and employed advanced models of procurement/contracting.
  • Focuses on researching best practices and relevant details to inform strategic perspectives when addressing
  • Well informed on governance as a critical enabler to successful complex project execution.
  • Convinced of the importance of creating and sustaining a collaborative relationship amongst all stakeholders as THE critical enabler to delivering optimal outcomes in complex endeavours.

Mario Lagrange, MS, PMP

  • Mario is a strategic advisor with Strategic Relationships Solutions Inc. with over 39 years combined experience at the Department of National Defence in aerospace engineering, defense procurement, commissioning, in-service support delivery management, project management, organizational relationships management, material acquisition and program sustainment.
  • In the past few years, Mario has been the co-lead on several engagements where he and the SRS team developed and operationalized relationships management and collaboration frameworks.
  • Mario holds a Master degree from Royal Military College and a Master of Applied Science (Aerodynamics) degree from the University of Toronto. He is a Flight Test Engineer graduate of the US Air Force Test Pilot School. A Professional Engineer and a Project Management Professional. Mario sits on Council of the Canadian Aeronautic and Space Institute.

Monty Mukerji, MBA, PMP

  • Monty is a senior advisor with the Centre for Strategic Relationships and Collaborative Contracting. Monty works with leading public and private organizations to establish and operationalize collaborative relationships. Monty served as Senior Director of the Public Works and Government Services Canada’s (PWGSC) Acquisitions Branch, during which time he enabled a multi-billion-dollar defence and information technology systems for major Crown projects.
  • Monty has over 35 years of experience managing complex programs. Monty is a certified Project Management Professional and Relational Contracting Management Instructor. He promotes a collaborative approach to structuring and managing complex relationships; particularly for inter-departmental team building, alignment and a collegial decision-making process. He holds an MBA from St. Mary’s University in Halifax.

Barbara Odenwald, MA

  • Barbara is a passionate leadership coach and communications specialist with over 22 years’ experience successfully building organizational capacity and facilitating professional/executive development. Her clients span the corporate, not-for-profit and public sectors. She works collaboratively with clients to identify needs at the leadership or team level to customize and deliver tools and content based on sound assessments and clear goal-setting.
  • With a passion for innovation, change management, effective collaboration and problem-solving, she helps people and organizations excel as life-long learners, innovators, sustainable learning organizations and leaders in their industry. Barbara holds two degrees and certificates in her field from UBC and MIT and is a Conversational Intelligence coach.