Well done to the SRS team for delivering an outstanding Relational Contracting and Collaborations Management course recently. Huge thanks to Mario Lagrange, Ian Mack, and Bruce Lewis for their support.

Big thank you to everyone who attended! If you’re interested in attending the next course, please send me a message.”

The 3-day event was a huge success, with great questions and discussion throughout.

We want to first say thank you to Mario Lagrange for his outstanding co-facilitation of the course. Your expertise and guidance added immense value to the learning experience.

Second, thank you to our incredible presenters, Ian Mack and Bruce Lewis, for sharing their invaluable insights and lessons learned in managing complex projects and navigating intricate business arrangements.

I’m thrilled to share that the participants’ feedback has been nothing short of outstanding! The depth of knowledge and practical wisdom gained by attendees is a testament to the quality of this course and the dedication of our facilitators and presenters.

If you have any questions about the course or are interested in attending future sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact Andy Akrouche MBA, RCCM-I, CSM andy.akrouche@srscan.com

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